Technology has the embedded responsibility of making the unthinkable


Background on private fossil ownership vs academia

In October 2020, the Tyrannosaurus rex “Stan” was sold for $31.8 million US dollars, making it the most expensive fossil in the world. These price tags, which will only continue to increase over time, place these fossils way out of reach for any academic or museum budget, for which fossils have an immeasurable value. This has a punishing onward impact on the ability for humankind to continue to learn about our predecessors who walked the earth.

Crowd financing to donate the asset

If 2021 has taught us anything, is that the power is in the people. From the frenzy of GME and AMC in the beginning of the year, and hedge funds feeling pain that was not possible from the public before, to your constitution DAO story (which unfortunately involved the aforementioned hedge fund as well). We don’t see this trend stopping any time soon.

Our story continues this inspiration to fight back against the monetary dictators of this world, but adding value to every participant along the way. Crowd funding for a good cause? Done. Creating an awesome NFT of a 3D bone linked to the actual fossil? You bet.

We want to create a community that is proud of the cause and is proud to show off being part of it. After our sale is over, we are launching our 3D printing program. NFT holders will be able to order their bone 3D printed, right to their door, tying the digital to the physical. It will serve as a trophy for this groundbreaking project they took part in.

After donating the physical fossil to a museum after the sale, NFT holders will still retain the IP rights of the bone they purchased. No value is lost to our community after the donation. It is a win win.