1. Giving the asset back to the community/academia.
  2. Participate in Grant decisions: NFT holders will be presented with a choice of options where they can read about the projects and vote on which project the grants will be given.
  3. Naming Rights Auction – An NFT holder will be able to participate in the auction for the Naming Rights of the only unnamed T.Rex fossil in history! Name the fossil and have your piece of history for the rest of time!
  4. Museum Entrance – Free entrance to the museum where the fossil will be displayed and unique experiences related to the Tyrannosaurus rex.
  5. QR Code Bone Identification
  6. T. rex Education Center (“T. E. C.”) – Learn about our Tyrannosaurus rex
  7. Gamification – Collecting “sets” – in the event by which a NFT holder manages to collect all 58 bones of the same combination, Metarex will be rewarding such person with the following:
    1. A Master NFT displaying the full fossil in all its glory using the same unique combination as the NFT set collected. This will be the ultimate NFT to show off in your collection!
    2. Name displayed on the Metarex website as King of the Tyrant Lizards.
  8. Metaverse Support – As the Metaverse matures, additional functionality and support will be offered to enable our NFT holders to proudly display their NFTs in their own online home or environment.