NFTs can be absolutely anything and everything, from a video game asset, to a work of art, a domain name, an access key, a ticket, a plot of virtual land or as part of a decentralised financial product to name just a few examples. It is this heterogeneous dimension of NFTs that leads us to rethink this ‘asset class’ not as ONE market, but as a technological medium capable of addressing the majority of the markets we see today.

First and foremost, NFT investors see long-term value in them and believe they will appreciate over time.

Secondly, owning NFTs also offers a form of social status in the crypto community, just like a Rolex or a Lamborghini does in “real life.” Just like having a blue check next to your name on Instagram, having an NFT like Metarex, is a “status symbol”.

Another reason is for investing in a Metarex NFT is that the owners are the ones that are helping the community by bringing this fossil back to the people.