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What Blockchain and standard will be used by the Metarex?2021-12-07T13:45:18+02:00

The Metarex will run on Ethereum Blockchain and will be minted under the ERC- 721.

What do you say when you buy a Metarex NFT?2021-12-07T10:43:03+02:00


What is a pack of T. rex’s called?2021-12-07T11:10:45+02:00

A pack of Tyrannosaurus rex is known a “terror“. Just like a gathering of geese is collectively known as a”flock”.

What is Metarex foundation?2021-12-07T11:13:27+02:00

Metarex will donate a part of the economic collection to the Metarex Foundation that is in charge of managing and deploying funds for the scientific community. The Foundation will operate similar to a DAO, where the NFT holders will aid in the decision making process as to where, when and how the funds should be distributed.

Can I resell my Metarex?2021-12-07T11:13:40+02:00

Yes. Metarex tokens can be resold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible etc. If a Metarex token is resold there will be a 10% royalty fee to Metarex. Metarex has pledged to donate a % of all future Metarex royalties to charities of Metarex community choosing.

Will the NFTs be sold on open marketplaces?2021-12-07T11:13:54+02:00

Primary sales of Metarex NFTs will only be sold on Metarex.io

How much are Metarex NFTs?2021-12-07T11:15:41+02:00

There are 5 different price brackets according to the ‘coolness’ and the value of the bone. Some bones for example, show evidence of Metarex being eaten by another T. rex. How insane is that?

  1. Diamond – USD 3300 – 3600
  2. Platinum – USD 2700 – 3200
  3. Gold – USD 2100 – 2550
  4. Silver – USD 1400 – 1700
  5. Bronze – USD 800 – 1200
Since I bought a Metarex NFT, does that mean I have the rights to the Fossil?2021-12-07T11:16:43+02:00

Metarex’s NFTs are connected to an asset that is tangible and identifiable. Each NFT will be linked to the real T. rex fossil through a certificate of authenticity. However, it must be clear that ownership of the NFT does not represent actual ownership of the physical bone. The real T. rex will be donated to a museum.